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2011 Holiday Survival Kit

Carolyn Pierce December 21, 2011

Above: Photos of Real Life NJI Media Holiday Survival Kits In Action

It’s a well-known fact that we love the holiday season at NJI Media. So much so that this year, we thought long and hard about how to improve the holiday season; let’s face it, not everyone enjoys fruitcake and caroling and Bing Crosby on repeat for nine hours and cheesy Christmas movies and airport security lines and their in-laws’ bad cooking.

With that in mind, we set out to improve the hardest parts of the holidays. Depending on the specific circumstances of your particular Holiday Emergency, the contents of the NJI Media Holiday Survival Kit will hopefully prevent hunger, alleviate boredom, and possibly win you money in a high-stakes poker game.

Our clients on the Nice List certainly enjoyed their gifts, and some were nice enough to give us some Twitter shout outs (photos above):

@thom_russell: Mom, Dad, don’t worry about getting me Christmas presents this year. @NJIMedia has me covered.
@chrisobrooks: The holiday survival guide. Very clever & creative like the folks @NJIMedia. Thx @Imperiale!
@ssiciliano: Thanks @NJIMedia for the thoughtful gift! Happy Holidays!
@noahchestnut: Thanks @Imperiale, @joshshultz, @QuoVadimusDC, @fierce_pierce et al. for this awesome gift cc @ssiciliano

To see the whole 2011 Holiday Survival Kit, check out it out on our Projects page.

Happy holidays to you and yours, and from the entire NJI Media team, we wish you a merry [and emergency-free holiday] season.

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