2012 Top Ten Tech Pranks

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April Fool’s Day is right around the corner. Sadly this year the famous holiday falls on a Sunday. Don’t worry; we’re preparing to celebrate the holiday on Monday, April 2nd. So watch out!

We want to acknowledge the great pranks of 2011 in the tech world.Toshiba with their 3-D monocle, Huffington Post’s pay wall for NYT, and LinkedIn’s “People You May Know” … Robin Hood? Albert Einstein?

To prevent from being fooled download “Do Not Fool.” This great add-on will prevent any pranks from being played on your browser.

2012 Tech Pranks

Do you have a co-worker who constantly brags that they can type 80 WPM? To make their day difficult: change their settings to a Dvorak Keyboard layout. The keyboard layout is for folks who type with one hand or finger and are constantly looking at their keyboard. Warning: works on PCs only.

There’s still time to purchase this awesome high tech prank device. If it doesn’t arrive on time, you can save it for next year or whenever you’re in the mood to cause some havoc.

Here is something you can physically do without waiting for a machine to do a human’s job. Step by step instructions to stop your co-worker from actually working. This will cause confusion, frustration, and anger. Think twice before considering it.

Buy this device for any occasion, not just for this great holiday but any day you feel like really frustrating your co-worker… a key cap puller. AMA-Zing!

It might be difficult task to pry your co-worker away from their computer. To get them away, tell them there are tons of donuts in the kitchen and make it happen! Here are instructions to mess up their lives…I mean computer.

If your co-worker has an older mouse (you know the mouse with an actual ball inside, circa 1998,), wait until they go on break and pop the ball out of the mouse and hide it somewhere. They will assume the mouse stopped working, but it was you all along. Very simple, very sneaky.

Send a mass email to everyone about these gifts from Think Geek. Think Geek is an actual credible online retail store, so they won’t suspect these awesome April fools gifts. CaffeDerm – Caffeine Patches, Desktop Zero-Point Infinite Power Generator, and The Original Shirt Plate.

There’s dating website for every type of occupation. For all your single software testers, there’s a dating site for them called, QAdate from uTest. Tell all your single friends. Software tester or not.

In every major city there’s at least four Starbucks within a one-mile radius. There are three Starbucks within walking distance of the NJI Media Warehouse in Old Town, Alexandria. So it makes sense that Starbucks came up with this awesome app, Mobile Pour. Tell your intern you need your coffee delivered via scooter and see if they figure out it’s all in the app.

Warn your family, friends, and co-workers that if they conduct any type of April Fools jokes, big or small, Groupon will have their lawyer send you a cease and desist letter about violating their day. Watch out. Groupon owns April Fool’s Day!


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