The Puppy Club at NJI Media

There are three main departments at the heart of NJI Media – strategy, design, and development. But there is one other division you may not know about – the canine branch. Our team is supported by their coworkers on everything from assembling banners to birthdays to setting font sizes. We listen, strategize, and celebrate our […]

Pet Personals

Love is in the air at NJI Media. We could talk about our employees that found true love during a company Rice Crispy Treat eating competition or discuss our work with Dating in Groups, but what we really want to share with you is our pets. That’s right, we have adorable pets and we love […]

Interview with a Panda

We recently sat down with Blue Panda and had a chance to ask him about his past, his work experience with NJI Media, and his thoughts about the future. The interview is published unedited and in its entirety. ​ BP: To be honest, it makes perfect sense when looking back…[takes long drag from a cigarette […]

Man's Best Friend: Coworker

NJI Media’s HQ is in the heart of Old Town, VA, a top dog friendly destination. With more than five dog parks, Old Town welcomes dogs with open arms and so does NJI Media. A man’s best friends should be welcomed at the workplace, and we’ve enforced this policy from the start. Having a pet […]


In case you haven’t noticed by now, we’re a little different at NJI. Every day, we get up, brush our teeth and put on our pants one leg at a time, just like the rest of the Internet. But once we get to work, normality ceases. I’m not talking about the hacky sack brainstorming sessions, […]

Best Christmas Gift EVER

We have yet another reason to love the Institute for Energy Research. They sent us a HUGE Greenberg Smoked Turkey from Tyler, Texas. The office now smells like a smoke house. We will be sure to chow down on this marvelous bird at our company Christmas party next week. Thank you, IER!

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