Art of the Seal

Drew Ellis

Category: Creative


Every day, it seems like another household name is going through a comprehensive rebrand. Which got us thinking … Here we sit, just outside of D.C. and consequently hundreds of government departments – with their own trademark emblems. When’s the last time these agencies got a facelift? Do their “brands” still resonate?

Allegedly, there are 430 departments, agencies, and sub-agencies in the federal government. However, that number can’t be considered official.

What can be is the overwhelming number of seals we are bombarded with by government agencies and departments on a daily basis. Podiums, dais, memos, websites, even uniforms are bedecked with variations of “official seals” that leave us queasy.

So we instead of letting our federal working friends toil another day under the banner of bad design, we took matters into our own hands and gave our government seals an upgrade.

Now the Illuminati of design may rise up and screech about the symbolism of these great seals and the history of our nation. But when they look closer, we know they’ll agree.

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