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Best of 2018: Web Development

December 27, 2018

We have built and redesigned countless websites in 2018, but a few, in particular, stood out to us, not only because of the front-end transformations that took place but because of the technical challenges they presented. These projects were an opportunity to unveil new interactive features and improved user experiences to the benefit of end-users.


Our strategy was built on a two-phased approach. First, we developed a new brand for the organization. We identified and analyzed peer organizations as well as the Financial Services Forum’s previous brand. By combining this analysis with the organization’s new strategic objectives, we developed a brand that would separate the Financial Services Forum from peer groups, and elevate their communications deliverables and capabilities above the existing brand. We developed this brand specifically to be easily and instantly deployable digitally through social media and advertising and through the new website.

By first developing a brand and communications strategy we were able to seamlessly implement the second phase of our strategy - a flexible, modern and intuitive web publishing platform built on Wordpress. We used a similar comparative and creative research and analysis process for the website planning. Armed with a web-ready brand and website content plan, we then developed a content architecture plan for the new website with expansive flexibility for all types of new content.

Check it out here: FSForum


This project was a perfect example of taking an all-encompassing approach to a website overhaul. Our team assessed the information and layout of the previous site to provide feedback on both a branding and site overhaul. Our team built out a mood board of different brand concepts and illustrations that featured the “C” and created a vibrant and positive vision that better served the goals outlined by the client.

After receiving approval on the new logo and color palette our team began to build out the UX and design of a new site. CIACC still maintains a fairly simple digital content offering and our goal was to take the information and make it even more accessible, highly searchable, and aesthetically modern and pleasing. Using strong photography and an open source CMS our team transformed the site into an experience rather than a landing page.

Check it out here: Access to Cancer Care


To succeed with all stakeholders, the visual identity of the organization’s website experience needed to seamlessly connect to new audiences while at the same time present intuitively organized advocacy and legislative content for policy-oriented audiences. Our Strategy, Design, and Development teams overhauled the site’s front-end experience to create intuitive pathways to all content, and a back-end content management system to add powerful yet manageable information architecture, search, content filtering structures, and other capabilities. The end result is a beautifully designed brand identity and a highly engaging website packed with easy to find content that can flexibly expand to accommodate future needs.

Check it out here: FFYF

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