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NJI Media Grows Team

NJI Media announced the addition and promotion of several team members. Our team of sharp-minded strategists, visionary graphic designers, technology fanatics, and analytics fiends work together to build seamless solutions to our clients digital communications challenges.

March 9, 2016 No Comments

A Brief History of our Taco Economy

Nate Politi rose to power swiftly after the introduction of the “Hey Taco!” economy. This was early 2016 at NJI Media, on a day now remembered as the second most memorable taco-centric day in the history of the company. A king was born, institutions were formed, and regulations passed. For the uninitiated, “Hey Taco!” is a Slack integration that allows you to award tacos to your peers. Each person starts the day with 5 tacos. He or she can reward their peers with these tacos, or do nothing and lose their daily tacos. This strange “use it or lose it” […]

February 19, 2016 No Comments

/giphy freedom rockets

At NJI Media we love Slack. It’s a messaging app that not only lets us collaborate, but also allows us to have some fun throughout the workday. This is an example of how we use Slack at NJI Media. It’s a story of something that just happened outside our office window – as told by a staffer who will remain anonymous.

January 14, 2016 No Comments

Welcome to the Moulin Bleu

NJI Media kicked off our marathon of holiday events this season with our Moulin Bleu party last Thursday night. The company is known for their award winning digital design, web development, and multi media production for some of the top companies in DC and internationally. NJI teamed up with FamousDC to produce the event and the design, decor, and digital creations were off the charts at this year’s client and team appreciation party. The night was full of entertainment, fine food, and libations. We assure you you’ve never been to a work event like this before.

November 23, 2015 No Comments