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Inspiration and Insights: 3 Things We are Following 5/22

ADVERTISING Capture, Then Captivate: the Science and Magic Behind Video Ads That Connect Via AdWeek With unparalleled access to video, consumers are watching more than ever before. This presents the opportunity to market not just more meaningfully, but more precisely. Today, consumers are engaging with video more than ever. Roughly 50% of all network traffic today is driven directly from video. What’s more, 18-49 year olds are visiting YouTube mobile more than any TV network. All this is to say that if you’re willing to put in the work, there are unparalleled opportunities to cater directly to specific individuals in […]

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Inspiration and Insights: 3 Things We are Following

DIGITAL MEDIA A Cheatsheet on Snap’s first Three Months As a Public Company Via Digiday Snap, the parent company of Snapchat, reported its first quarter earnings after a highly anticipated IPO earlier in the spring. However, early returns show that the much anticipated IPO has not translated into sustained excitement and earnings. Snapchat is running into a massive roadblock, and that roadblock is Facebook. In mimicking many of Snapchat’s popular features on Instagram, Facebook is severely impacting Snapchat’s opportunity for growth and revenue. The ball is now in Snapchat’s court to see if they hold with the status quo, or […]

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Inspiration and Insights: 3 Things We are Following

STRATEGY Culture First for CEO’s & Communicators Via LinkedIn/Gary Sheffer “It is increasingly communicators’ role to be the dissenting voice in the room when a policy is being considered that may be contrary to an organization’s stated values. If it is, they should advocate for a different course of action.” When the video of the passenger being dragged off of a United flight last month went viral, the immediate commentary was essentially, “Big PR problem for United.” However, Gary Sheffer examines how the organizational culture of United is really what’s at the center of this entire episode, and how organizational […]

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Concealing Complexity: DevOps Dominates DrupalCon

The stand-out subjects of DrupalCon 2017 were those that cleverly conceal complexity underneath: Virtual Reality, Artificial Intelligence, and DevOps. When done right, people should barely notice the technology beneath the surface.

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