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How We Challenge the Status Quo

Netflix didn’t kill Blockbuster. Ridiculous late fees did. Uber didn’t kill the taxi business. Limited access and fare control did. Apple didn’t kill the music industry. Forcing customers to buy full-length albums did. Amazon didn’t kill other retails. Poor customer experience did. Airbnb isn’t killing the hotel industry. Limited availability and pricing options are. The lesson above is several measures deep: technology by itself is not a disruptor; not being innovative enough and not being customer-centric is the disruptor. As a business, NJI Media is committed to challenging the status quo. This involves not only being innovative and customer-centric, but […]

March 4, 2019

Social Media Trends for 2019

In 2019, make it part of your strategy to stay up to date on trends, capabilities and best practices – it is not as hard as you think.

January 17, 2019


It’s not easy to keep an audience captive for an hour, let alone two days. And while the Digital Summit team had their work cut out for them in D.C. – a city of fast-moving and busy professionals, their unique perspectives and thoughtful programming proved to be both influential and enlightening. The 2018 D.C. Digital Summit took place August 27-28 What’s more, their message was clear throughout, it’s no longer enough just to do something, how and WHEN you do it is just as important. Why Timing Is Everything (*Not Dating Advice) Did you schedule a meeting today? Was it […]

September 27, 2018

Keeping our Edge: Media Consumption for Strategists

Working in the fields of digital and creative services requires us to do our homework – that is, to stay up to date on current trends and events. We accomplish this by checking our favorite websites throughout the day, reading e-newsletters religiously, tearing through books, listening to podcasts, and being sure not to miss a single event from our list. Here’s an inside look at some of the media the NJI Media Strategy & Client Services Team follows to stay sharp at work and sound smart at cocktail parties: Andrew Fimka  My media consumption is driven by three equally proportionate […]

June 14, 2018