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Director, Web Development

We seek a versatile, Director of Web Development with substantial Drupal & WordPress experience. The Director of Web Development is responsible for leading the development practice, and the quality delivery of NJI Media’s web development work. The Director is responsible for defining development standards and processes, and for technical oversight and implementation of mobile-first websites and applications. The Director of Web Development ensures we as an agency are delivering world-class digital experiences through interactive development execution.

NJI Media is a bustling full-service creative agency headquartered in Old Town, Alexandria, VA. This is a full-time position. We have high standards of excellence, and so do you. Your work will enjoy high visibility in service of many prestigious clients.



  • Character – Being respectful, cooperative, and dependable are necessary core character attributes at NJI Media.
  • Attention to Detail – You must take genuine, personal pride in being meticulous about your craft.
  • Leadership Helping mentor and lead a skilled group of web developers.
  • Communication – Exceptional communication skills are absolutely indispensable.
  • Initiative – All successful team members must be perceptive and self-driven.
  • Organized Work with the management team to create and optimize a web process that runs efficiently and effectively given the department’s needs and goals.


The Director of Web Development role requires active, hands-on technical skill. You must have the background necessary to plan, create, integrate, secure, deploy, and maintain custom websites from scratch. Here are the core technologies we believe are essential to success in this role:

  • Drupal – Demonstrated theme and module development experience in Drupal 7 and 8.
  • WordPress – Experience with custom theme and plugin development in WordPress.
  • Git – Advanced git expertise; merging, rebasing, branching, etc.
  • HTML, CSS – Essential knowledge of semantic application of markup; responsive, cross-browser styling and techniques.
  • Javascript – Good knowledge of basic syntax, variables, operators and other language constructs. Experience using consoles, task runners, and debugging tools.
  • Linux – General experience administrating and scripting in Linux-based systems.
  • Domains – Comfortable with domain registration and transfer, and DNS record management.
  • PHP 7 – Proficient with PHP syntax and features. Understand variables, constants, arrays, loops, internal functions, PHP configurations, error logging/reporting.
  • MySQL – Knowledge of schemas, tables, users and privileges, principles of relational databases, and SQL commands. Ability to audit and migrate legacy data from unlike management systems.


Our vibrant and nimble team takes on a lot more than Drupal & WordPress web development. We’re excited to learn about what other passions and experiences you bring to the table!

  • Hosting – Familiarity with the likes of Pantheon, Cloudflare, AWS, Rackspace, Azure, Google Cloud Platform, or other services and hosts.
  • Monitoring – Experience with performance and security analysis and monitoring tools, such as Lighthouse, New Relic, and Pingdom.
  • Sass – Application of variables, mixins in styles.
  • Dev Tooling – Webpack, Gulp, Grunt, Broccoli, etc.
  • ES2015/16 – The latest and greatest Javascript syntactic sugar.
  • Libraries – React, AngularJS, Vue.js, Ember, Express, Electron, A-Frame, Firebase. What do you know? What do you like?
  • CI – Experience with continuous integration and automated testing.
  • APIs and Web Services – Experience working with APIs, and creating and consuming web services, using SOAP and REST protocols.
  • XML – Understand how to properly structure and use XML for transferring data.
  • JSON – Familiar with JSON syntax, asynchronous Javascript, and encoding/decoding JSON data in PHP.

How to Apply

If this sounds like a good fit, please email work@njimedia.com with a brief message introducing yourself, and attach your resume. If you have a portfolio or Github code samples include the link. Thanks! We’re excited to hear from you. Also, please prefix the word “Panda” in the subject line, to showcase your stellar attention to detail. Cheers!

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