Eating Old Town [Infographic]

Joanna Piacenza

Category: Creative


At NJI, we know many things: design, development, strategy and sandwiches. That last one is particularly important. After all, food is what makes the NJI engine go. So when we got to thinking – over lunch, of course – about our collective eating habits as an office, we began to wonder which parts of Old Town receive the lion’s share of our patronage.

Being an interactive agency that prides itself on design, this line of inquisitive thinking arrived at its obvious conclusion: What would a visual representation of our eating habits look like? And, true to form, we were compelled to design the thing to find out.

So we present this infographic detailing the eating habits of NJI Media. Please let us know if we can design an infographic for you… or if you’d just like to stop by for lunch.

{Click to enlarge the infographic}

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