Top 10 Questions to Find Your Brand

Alex Barton

Category: Creative


Skipping the information-gathering phase of branding inhibits an efficient process. This phase defines the objectives that will direct the designer, and sets client expectations for the final product. To help facilitate this understanding, here’s a list of the top ten questions to answer before you begin designing your new brand.

  1. What does your organization/company/business do, and why does it matter?
  2. What is the single most important defining character trait of your organization, and how does that set you apart?
  3. What is the desired persona or personality of your company?
  4. What are similar organizations in your field, or main competitors?
  5. What do you like about your previous brand, and are there any elements you would like to work into the rebrand?
  6. What associations would you like to avoid?
  7. Are there any existing brands you admire?
  8. What is the medium of your brand? Will it be observed on billboards, tablets, or both?
  9. What work have you commissioned before that you felt successfully captured your desired brand?
  10. Should your brand be clear-cut or leave room for interpretation?

A successful brand is memorable, succinct, and accessible. Often success is incorrectly credited to the products of design, such as logos, websites, and publications. It takes more than artistic capabilities to achieve success; it takes thorough research and a universal comprehension of the brand expectations. Only when you equip your process with information may you efficiently design and find your brand.

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