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January 14, 2016

At NJI Media we love Slack. It’s a messaging app that not only lets us collaborate, but also allows us to have some fun throughout the workday.

Below is an example of how we use Slack at NJI Media. It's a story of something that just happened outside our office window - as told by a staffer who will remain anonymous.

A guy in a BMW with the license plate ‘worpath’ stopped at the stop sign because he wanted to back into a spot in front of Starbucks. As would be expected of someone with that license plate, he never put his blinker on, so 2 cars behind him thought he was just procrastinating at the stop light.

So both cars are much too close for him to back into his spot. Everyone starts honking at everyone (as ya’ do. I’m a New Yorker, can’t knock that), then Worpath guy rolls his window down and starts screaming and giving the finger (as would also be expected) instead of just turning his blinker on.

The car behind him backs up, Worpath backs into the spot, then the car slowly rolls by as they both give each other double freedom rockets (middle fingers) and continue screaming.

THEN in a surprising and unanticipated move: Worpath doesn’t even go to Starbucks. He gets out of his car, looks around with a satisfied Worpath-like look on his face, gets back into his car, and continues on his warpath.

Thank you, Slack.

/giphy warpath

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