How Creative is NJI Media? It "Depends"

Josh Shultz

Category: Warehouse


NJI Media is a creative digital agency, with the emphasis on creative.  When problems arise, no matter how big or small, we always have a solution.

Take for instance this morning’s dilemma that left the whole office hot and bothered.  At 8:00 a.m. our AC unit went out.  It turns out the AC drip pan bolted to the floor over-flowed and needed to be drained.  With no turkey baster in site, we had to get inventive.  That’s when Derek the Intern grabbed a pair of Archie’s adult diapers and soaked up the water.  Within minutes, the AC was back on.

A big thanks to Archie for being so generous with his diapers and to Depend for making such an amazing product.

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