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NJI Media Baby Count Hits Five

July 9, 2014

Congratulations are in order for Dave and Carolyn Tate on the birth of their beautiful baby girl.

Maxine Elizabeth was born on Sunday and clocked in at a healthy 8lbs, 10oz. According Dave, NJI Media’s Director of Development, and the proud papa, he’s already created Maxine's GitHub account and will begin training her in short order.

As the NJI Media nursery continues to expand, the team couldn’t be more happy for both Dave and Carolyn.

Editors note: Carolyn (mom) used to work at NJI Media where she met Dave. The two secretly (everybody knew) dated and then married (not secretly). The NJI Media handbook has since been updated (sort of).

In honor of the birth of the newest Tate, the entire NJI team celebrated this morning by enjoying a Tater Tot Brunch made by Nathan. On the menu: tater tot casserole, bacon, fresh fruit and an enormous bowl of tater tots and, of course, mimosas!

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