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NJI Media Co-Hosts the Wired Election Party, Launches WEP Dashboard

Carolyn Pierce November 1, 2010

NJI Media, in conjunction with Story Partners, launched the 2010 Wired Election Party Dashboard today in advance of the midterm elections taking place tomorrow, November 2.  Utilizing a state-of-the-art interactive interface, the WEP Dashboard showcases pundits’ political predictions, campaign conversations and, most importantly, will deliver realtime results as election night unfolds.  Using the Twitter hashtag #WEP2010, individuals from across the country can offer their own predictions and tweets to get on the Dashboard. [pbr] Even Foursquare is in on the action – the most recent check-in to the Wired Election Party are highlighted on screen. [pbr] Politico predicts that the Story Partners/NJI Media party “will be the most wired party” on election night.  Hope you can join us – in person or online – as elections get underway. [pbr] To see the WEP Dashboard in action, go to www.WiredElection.com.

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We’re obsessed with imagery. In fact, we like to pick up a camera now and then to give a behind-the-scenes look how NJI gets to it. Sometimes, we catch one of the company dogs doing a cool trick and it must be documented and shared. Other times, we’re just trying to settle an argument about fowl hunting regulations. [pbr] If you’re curious about how we work – and let’s face it, if you’re reading this, you are – check out our Flickr photostream for an insider’s view into our world.

November 1, 2010