NJI Media Learn at Lunch Welcomes Andrew Foxwell

Ida Rosenthal

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We confess, we’re suckers for learning about the latest digital trends (and we don’t mind a good lunch either). That’s why every so often, we host a brown bag lunch where we invite experts from a variety of fields to share their knowledge as a part of our Learn at Lunch series.

This month, Facebook expert Andrew Foxwell spoke with us about the ins-and-outs of social media advertising. Andrew is one of the best at what he does and – along with a few projects with NJI – has worked with the likes of Square, Eventbrite and FitBit on their advertising campaigns.


During this Learn and Lunch, Andrew explained recent developments happening in Facebook advertising and predicted some key new trends for 2014. Andrew also stuck around for some Q&A, answering questions that we’ve always wanted to know, but never knew who to ask.

For more of Andrew’s awesome insights, follow him on Twitter (@andrewfoxwell) and check out the awesome projects he’s worked on.

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