NJI’s New Mascot

Drew Ellis



Last week we made an addition to the team here at NJI. He is a 9 week old, Olde English Bulldogge, named Hamilton Porter (a.k.a. Hammy a.k.a. The Great Hambino). So far, Hammy loves his daytime home and is fitting in perfectly with the rest of the team. He spends his days increasing productivity, lifting office morale, sleeping, and drooling.


So far nicknames include: Hammy, Hambone, Hamsterdam, Hampersand, Hamuel L. Jackson, Hamster, Hamlet, Peter Hampton, Milton, Hamburger, H-ambush, Hamphibian… among others


But he was named after Hamilton Porter from ‘The Sandlot’


He also doubles as the office enforcer.


Follow him @theegreathambino




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