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Love is in the air at NJI Media. We could talk about our employees that found true love during a company Rice Crispy Treat eating competition or discuss our work with Dating in Groups, but what we really want to share with you is our pets. That’s right, we have adorable pets and we love them very much. Right now, we are helping them find true love, so please take a look and let us know in the comment section if you know of any suitable suitors.


Name: Molly
Human Spirit: Muhammad Ali
Twitter Bio: Clown in a fur suit
Paw Ons: Humans, breakfast at 5AM, dinner at 5PM, squirrels, elk antlers
Paw Offs: Kites, large dogs, Harry Potter


Name: Gideon
Human Spirit: Conquistador
Twitter Bio: Danger excites me, but not nearly as much as bright lights outside my window.
Paw Ons: Fresh litter, Catnip Treats, Laser Pointers, and Soft Blankets
Paw Offs: Vacuums, Traveling, Soft Claws, Veterinarians and Loud Noises


Name: Ginkgo
Human Spirit: Fran Drescher
Twitter Bio: Shorthair. Mean faced. Canned food aficionado. Retweets are not invitations to pet me.
Paw Ons: Crinkly noises, Staying up all night talking, Pachelbel’s Canon in D, Chillin’
Paw Offs: Rules, Empty bowls, Sudden movements, Being swept off my paws, Faucets that are off


Name: Teddy
Human Spirit: Charlie Sheen
Twitter Bio: I’m ruggedly cute and I know it.
Paw Ons: Baby toys, pacifiers, babies
Paw Offs: Lawn mowers, dog themed movies

ignatius shoes

Name: Ignatius
Human Spirit: James Dean
Twitter Bio: I’ve only touched grass twice, and I loved it. My finishing move is cute stare followed by face licks.
Paw Ons: Bacon, Bark Park, Traveling, Personal Grooming, and Accessorizing
Paw Offs: Stanford, Solitude, People who won’t play, and Water

hugo bears

Name: Hugo
Human Spirit: Julius Peppers
Twitter Bio: When I was a puppy, I would eat my own poop and everyone still thought I was adorable.
Paw Ons: Bacon, Chicago Bears Football, USC Football, Sleeping, and Eating
Paw Offs: Activity, Crating, Long walks, Hot Days, and Sad Movies


Name: Penelope (PennyBeast)
Human Spirit: Hamburgler
Twitter Bio: I’m a big girl. Sometimes my face get’s itchy
Paw Ons: All food. Except Pepperoni, and Pill Pockets
Paw Offs: Nail polish remover


Name: Norman
Human Spirit: 2 Chainz
Twitter Bio: Hair long, Money long, Me and PennyBeast don’t get along
Paw Ons: Plastic. Cold Cuts. Tight spaces
Paws Offs: Humans. Vacuums. Power Tools


Name: Bliss
Human Spirit: Anyone with a terrible, terrible cold
Twitter Bio: I have a rare respiratory condition that makes me incredibly snotty. Sorry for all the sneezing.
Paw Ons: String, Laps, Shoulders, Water
Paws Offs: Crumbling paper, vacuum cleaners, traveling


Name: Marlee
Human Spirit: Charlie Brown
Twitter Bio: Gotta hide somewhere. My tail is out to get me. So is everything else.
Paw Ons: Mommy, blankets, burrowing inside couches
Paws Offs: Shadows, general movement of anything, strangers, noise, wind


Name: Noel
Human Spirit: A 3 year old child
Twitter Bio: Pet me! Feed me! I need attention! Mommy?! Mommy!?
Paw Ons: Birds on TV, any kind of food, high places, anywhere I’m not supposed to be
Paws Offs: My daddy, My daddy’s things

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