Erin Bergmeister

Senior Account Manager


As a Senior Account Manager, Erin keeps the trains running on time.

Detail-oriented, deadline-driven, and eternally cool under pressure, she is a key liaison between NJI's clients and our creative and technology teams. With a background supporting lobbying firms, event design agencies, and national nonprofits, Erin's honed her ability to work across diverse portfolios and deliver on overlapping projects.

Erin previously led the Autism Speaks to Young Professionals (AS2YP) board which advocates and fundraises on behalf of Autism Speaks DC chapter. She has a weakness for Carolina style BBQ, pricey bourbon, and a good roof deck.

What is your favorite activity?

Who can pick just one?! People watching, window shopping, eating, eating while simultaneously watching Food Network, traveling, eating...

What are you an influencer of?

Good question. I'm definitely that girl who's still trying to make Pinterest happen.

Fill in the sentence: When I'm not at work, I:

love exploring DC, sharing a meal or grabbing a drink with friends. I'm also attempting to teach myself how to play the ukulele.

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