Jonah Van Why

Strategy Intern


A recent graduate from St. Olaf College, Jonah returns to the NJI strategy team after spending January with them as well. Extremely eager to lear the ins and outs of the digital media landscape, Jonah is thrilled to be back with the team for the Summer.

Hailing from Minnesota, Jonah's a fan of a good hammock, anything outside, and checking out new places in and around the DC area.

What is your dream job?

World renowned Newfoundland breeder

What is your favorite activity?

Dreaming of the day when the Timberwolves are good.

What is your preferred condiment?

Crunchy PB

What are you an influencer of?

Short jokes

Fill in the sentence: When I'm not at work, I:

Am vigorously training to run the first sub 2 minute mile. I'm at 8 flat now, so we're close.

Most Recent from Jonah

What’s up with Facebook Town Hall?

Near the end of March, Facebook unveiled “Town Hall”. Though not Facebook’s first foray into all things political (voter registration promotion, “I Voted” social badges, etc,), Town Hall is a major step in bridging the communications divide between representatives and their constituents. So, what exactly does Town Hall do? For a service being hailed by Mashable as “probably the best thing the social network has ever done”, Facebook’s Town Hall platform doesn’t actively do very much. Essentially, the service offers an easy way for users to look up their representatives. Facebook users input their addresses and Town Hall provides them […]

April 19, 2017 No Comments