October 4, 2019

Agnotis Baby Care - Dolphins Design

A spot of Lonliness - Aysha Tengiz

Betún de Mantequilla - Menta

Flex Mussels - Butter

Deli&Co. Kitchen Knives - Eduardo Ouvido

Egg McMuffin - Matthieu Braccini

Jorge Romanos & Julien Palast - Melissa Shoes

Super Trash - Seachange

Shredder - Alex Zhelyazkov

The Telegraph Travel - Fran Labuschagne

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Video Case Study: APMI

This past spring, the Alliance to Protect Medical Innovation (APMI) reached out to our team to help them shine a spotlight on innovation within the biopharmaceutical industry. Within three weeks we were on a plane to San Franciso (the burritos do live up to the hype!) and while we’re no strangers to cross-country (or international) shoots, there were a number of factors that this project both uniquely challenging and uniquely successful. Check out the video blog below to get an inside look into the whole process – nose-to-tail, including concept phase, pre-production, the shoot itself, and post-production. You can check […]

October 16, 2019