American International Automobile Dealers Association

Reimagining the American Car

AIADA asked NJI to create a website with a look and feel as fast and stylish as the newest international car models.

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The team at the American International Auto Dealers Association knew their website needed a refresh.

In an industry where the product is updated every year, they wanted to get in sync with a modern, clean web presence. AIADA wanted a website with a look and feel as fast and stylish as the newest international car models.

We brought together modern UI, a standout color palette and the customization power of Drupal to create a beautiful landing pad and digital resource for AIADA and its members.

Working with NJI to develop a website for our association was a breeze from start to finish. Their customer service, creative vision, and technological efficiency gave us a site that surpassed our high expectations in looks and functionality.


Checking Under the Hood

AIADA represents individual international automobile dealers. They use their website as a place to communicate new initiatives, keep members abreast of national and legislative trends in the international auto market. AIADA wanted its website to be a high quality showroom for valuable content important to members across the country.


Running Diagnostics

The AIADA team met with NJI and told us that their website was a resource for members who needed information quickly. It was also a calling card for potential new members. AIADA wanted to make sure all its members were able to access the most recent content, news feed and updates.


What is An American Car

One of AIADA's most important online resources is the What is An American Car map. It reflects two critical facts: that many international cars are manufactured here in the U.S. and the international car industry creates many other jobs associated with selling these vehicles. We were tasked with making this map even more dynamic and exciting, in line with the AIADA's new overall design.

Design on Wheels

In Design, we moved away from a text heavy format that lacked an emphasis on the updates AIADA works to make for its members daily. Our larger task was developing a look and feel that would subtly allude to the legacy of the international automobile. We worked with the team to choose design elements that would reflect the professionalism AIADA brings to the D.C. legislative environment and drive attention where needed. This was achieved through shapes and gradients throughout that indicated movement combined with a subtle palette peppered with punches of brighter color.


Parts on the Assembly Line

We made sure the AIADA team had access to modify and update every pixel of the website by building the website on the highly customizable power of a Drupal CMS platform.


Final Checkup

Several member of our Development team worked on a short deadline to create this fully featured website in time for AIADA's big annual conference. This was the final step in the process to deploy the visually dynamically reorganized and designed

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