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Dale Jr. iPad Quiz

The NJI team crafted a beautiful, rich experience for this interactive feature, a quiz that would both capture email signups and educate its participants.

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The American Coalition for Clean Coal Electricity approached NJI Media for an interactive feature to be displayed through its public facing brand America’s Power, the overall goal being to educate everyday Americans about sources of energy that power their home towns and cities. We put our heads together with the ACCCE team to develop the concept of an interactive quiz for the benefit of visitors at home and on mobile.

Working with video of NASCAR driver Dale Earnhardt Jr. (#88) narrating questions and answers for the visitor, we designed a beautiful experience for the viewer and developed the quiz to work both at home on a desktop computer as well as on tablet and mobile.


Starting Our Engines

The American Coalition for Clean Coal Electricity needed a way to communicate information about its industry's power source to a target audience of Americans who enjoy affordable energy thanks to the accessibility of coal. Working with NJI Media, a perfect concept cropped up: a quiz energy facts that would be accessible everywhere from mobile to tablet to the home desktop. Tablet functionality was key for mobile ACCCE brand representatives, who would encourage visitors to NASCAR events to take the quiz.


Turning the Wheels

ACCCE partnered with NASCAR superstar Dale Earnhardt Jr., using his accessible personality and ubiquitous brand recognition to deliver the importance of coal to families across the U.S. NJI planned on working with video of Dale Jr. narrating the energy quiz to integrate it into a fully developed interactive feature. The questions, while meant to test the knowledge of the visitor, would also inform them and get their wheels turning about sources of energy in America.


Drafting the Wireframes

NJI Media turned to its user experience experts to translate the concept of an energy pop quiz in a way that would both entice visitors and underscore the importance of the initiative. The ease of use of the feature was part of its foundations right down to the wireframe blueprints that NJI sketched out at the beginning of the process.

A Speedy Design

The NJI team crafted a beautiful, rich experience for this feature. The quiz, packed with color, bold lines and custom illustration, was a nod to the exciting pace of the NASCAR circuit. User interaction was simple and focused by design: plenty of whitespace and clear indicators for engagement lent itself well to motivating each visitor to see the quiz all the way through.


Signature Sign-Up

The NJI Media development team was well equipped to recreate the design concept as an interactive experience on the web. Working with video clips and in-house created animations, we developed a cross-platform quiz that would work as well on an iPad as it would on a desktop browser. We also took the step to develop an email capture functionality for ACCCE, ensuring they could stay in touch with those who were now familiar with basic energy facts.


Filling the Tires

The ACCCE team needed to get this quiz up and running for promotion at upcoming NASCAR races. NJI was able to engage quality assurance and utilize the full suite of deployment features to push this quiz over the finish line quickly for the client.

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