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By launch NJI Media had not only fully-rewired the information architecture and implemented a fresh new design, we had created five new interactive elements to anchor the site’s post content.

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Business Roundtable is among the most influential policy groups in the country, guided by its membership — CEOs of America’s top companies — to impact legislation on the national and international levels. BRT tapped NJI Media for a year-long full redesign and redevelopment of their main website.

The result was a content-oriented, responsive website, focused on BRT’s broad policy objectives and the CEOs behind them. By launch NJI had not only fully-rewired the information architecture and implemented a fresh new design, we had created five new interactive elements to anchor the site’s post content.


Invested in Discovery

During a deep discovery phase, the NJI team met with stakeholders across BRT divisions and users of their current site. These vice presidents, managers and policy experts would become our partners through the rest of the process, guiding us on policy nuances, giving us advice and asking for our expertise as we began to flesh out the direction for the website. After these discussions, the NJI team honed in on three goals for the website: It must highlight the work of BRT’s CEO members, it must better show the organization’s strengths, and it must put the most important information first.


Begin with the Audience

BRT’s website had grown in the years leading up to this redesign, and the infrastructure of the website had not always kept up with the vision of the organization. To quash the cobbled together add-ons that on the site, NJI rebuilt the sitemap and information architecture from the ground up. We built an audience-first structure to site navigation and organization that took insights from our conversations with stakeholders to surface the content most relevant to BRT’s visitors, whether they be media, legislative staff or CEOs.


Simplified and Refined

As mentioned above the theme for this redesign was simplification and refinement. The previous iteration of needed to be simplified. We accomplished this by creating a repeatable and familiar design language. It was our hope that these familiar elements would help create a sense of comfort for the user and allow them to explore the site naturally.

Side By Side Comparison

Achieving familiarity allowed us to really get creative when it came to some of the more interactive elements. We created an interactive slideshow experience as well as numerous interactive graphs and dashboards. All in all we managed to meet all of goals for the project while successfully elevating the overall visual design.


Slicker and Smarter

The new BRT website required the ability to support a vast content hierarchy, so the development team built on top of a Drupal 7 platform. In front-end development, the team looked to open-source solutions such as SASS and Grunt to manage assets and save time. The use of innovative functionality such as touchpoints, comparison sliders, and interactive graphs can be seen in showpieces such as Invested in America and the BRT Data Monitors.


In With the New

Deploying the relaunch of an existing site is never an easy task, so the development team worked side-by-side with the strategy team to ensure that no existing link, file, or section was lost. The development team enacted an efficient new url structure which was devised by the strategy team, while keeping comprehensive redirects in place for the legacy url schema.

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