Cannabis Industry Brand Strategy & Positioning

Developing a unique voice in a booming marketplace


If you want to succeed as a brand, it’s important to be honest—even if it’s painful—about how people perceive your brand. Your brand positioning is an articulation of what differentiates you in the marketplace, and how you are different from your competitors.

This case study describes our approach to helping a cannabis company transition and transform its brand.


By conducting both an in-depth internal and external discovery audit, we started to notice similarities and discrepancies in their brand perception. These insights helped us understand the gap between where they were as a brand, and where they wanted to be.

After helping them better understand their place in the industry, we engaged in some of the toughest work—identifying and articulating who they were, what they sell, and how they wanted to be perceived by consumers. Based on our initial core identity audit and assessment, we were able to help them communicate their vision, mission, and values. By the end of the project, we helped reposition their cannabis brand to be more consistent and refined in an attempt to better stand out in the marketplace.

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