DefeatDD | Take the Plunge

Experiential Event

While NJI had previously worked with DefeatDD on the rebuild of their online presence, this project aimed to bring their digital brand to life (IRL) and to galvanize global heath advocates around their mission through story-telling and immersive visuals.

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Understanding The Challenge

DefeatDD and their parent organization PATH approached NJI with the prospect of producing a marquee event in Washington, DC to build greater brand awareness and activate a new generation of issue advocates around their mission. The challenge at hand was to disrupt the "run-of-the-mill" happy hour or panel discussion approach, and instead to transport guests and ask them to ‘take the plunge’ into a world that was not their own.

Defining the Experience

NJI approached this unique opportunity by immersing guests in the Defeat DD brand and world of those affected by diarrheal disease. To make the story and experience more intimate and memorable, we built the event out as a ‘pop-up experience’ with branded drinks, an interactive video photo wall, 360-degree video content, and one-of-a-kind painted toilet art piece.

Creating the (Event) Brand

Comprehensive social media assets previewing the exciting video and interactive content to be seen at the event.

Immersive and artistic animations that dared guests to take a selfie in.

Colorful event billboards that communicated the energy and optimism we wanted to instill guests with.

Energizing keynote video played during the event that brought guests up to speed on the challenge of Diarrheal Disease, and the promising solutions available to us all.

Captivating circumambient footage of the areas affected by the disease across the world that encompassed guests the entire evening.

Promoting the Experience

All-encompassing event brand strategy built from the ground-up to appeal to young-professionals that would be leveraged in social media, event promotion, and on-site during the event.

Comprehensive social media, email marketing, and earned media plans to not only maximize event reach, but also leverage the event as a springboard for long-term brand and issue resonance.

Producing the Event

We brought the digital and physical touch point full-circle by building out a detailed digital campaign promoting the brand and event in harmony. These efforts tied directly to what guests drank, saw, and heard at the event. Having previously worked with DefeatDD on their website redesign and social media strategy, we ensured that each detail brought the brand and mission home to those attending.

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