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Hilton opened their doors in their 100th country, and they invited NJI to help commemorate this accomplishment.

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As one of the largest and quickest-growing hotel establishment, Hilton recently celebrated an important milestone. A reputable hospitality icon, the hotel chain is known for their beautiful properties and one of a kind guest experiences. When Hilton celebrated the opening of a hotel in their 100th country, Hilton knocked on NJI’s door to help build an experience to announce to the world this amazing accomplishment. 


Whatever the project, whatever the deadline, NJI has never let me down. Their experience in politics and public affairs informs their attention to detail and their unparalleled responsiveness which cannot be understated.


Booking the Reservation

Hilton Worldwide has served guests for 96 years, and is rapidly growing. They provide top level hospitality to their guests in cities all over the globe. With their 100th country in their books, visitors can now travel to nearly every country on Earth and stay at a Hilton. With such a milestone upon them, the Hilton Worldwide team worked with NJI to build out a new page that would invite guests to their digital home, and encourage them to travel to any of the beautiful properties in their 100 available countries.


Packing Our Bags

After careful consideration, the NJI Strategy team worked alongside the Hilton team to build a successful new interactive feature to introduce their guests to this exciting new achievement. This addition to their site should engage guests to travel the world with Hilton, and educate them in all the amenities they have to offer. This new feature had to be engaging and shareable, which is exactly what we produced.


Seeing the Sights

The goal of the Hilton 100 page is to announce to the world of this milestone achievement in the hotel chain's history. More than that, the page needed to educate visitors while introducing them to all of their unique and exciting locations across the world. First, we designed an interactive quiz in which visitors could guess where one of their properties was located based on a picture of that hotel. Then, we created a tile mosaic of 100 pictures of 100 properties in each country. These tiles included the country's name and a fun fact. The tiles popped out and away from the property's photo to create a card flipping experience. The combination of the interactive quiz and country tiles allowed visitors to learn more about Hilton's exotic and historic locations.


Building Memories

With not much time to spare, NJI developed this fully-responsive, mobile-friendly page for Hilton's grand reveal. The quiz needed to work seamlessly, and allow visitors to view their results in the pop-up as they progress. At the end, your results could be shared across Facebook and Twitter so that others could play "Name that Hilton." After participating in this fun quiz, visitors could explore the globe with a click of a mouse. Upon scrolling down the page, you could see 100 tiles worth of beautiful scenes from Hilton's worldwide properties. Hovering on the tile allows you to see the name of the property, and after clicking the tile, you can read a fun fact about that hotel.


Taking in the View

With the help of Hilton and their partners, the entire NJI team worked to quickly build, test and fool-proof the page to ensure every visitor who celebrated Hilton's 100 Countries and Territories left this site ready to book their next trip with them immediately. The page launched in January 2016, along with their press release, video and infographic to further promote their astounding achievement.

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