Hilton Worldwide:

Recognition of 100 Countries Milestone

Project Brief

As Hilton prepared to open a hotel in its 100th country, it partnered with NJI Media to announce and celebrate this milestone achievement. The company envisioned a page on its website that would introduce guests to Hilton properties around the world and encourage them to plan a visit.


Our Process

To engage and educate prospective guests, we recommended an interactive quiz in which users guessed a property’s location based on a picture of the hotel. A mosaic of 100 pictures, paired with “fun facts,” represented each country. We designed a card-flipping feature to move visitors seamlessly through the quiz. Every detail of the experience served to entice visitors to learn about Hilton’s exotic and historic locations.


Our Approach

Entice users to learn and visit Hilton’s exotic and historic locations




Working under a compressed timeline, we designed a fully responsive, mobile-friendly page. Users could see their results as they progressed, share them on Facebook and Twitter, and invite others to play “Name that Hilton.” After taking the quiz, users were encouraged to scroll down to 100 tiles with captivating scenes from Hilton properties. Hovering on a tile revealed the property name, and clicking brought up a fun fact about that hotel. Our goal was to ensure every visitor left the site eager to book a Hilton trip.


With the help of Hilton and its partners, NJI Media worked to quickly build, test, and quality-assure this online experience. The page launched successfully alongside a press release, infographic, and video to promote this noteworthy achievement.

At a glance:

Countries, and counting
5 Days
Our timeline
65 Cups
of coffee, approximately
Quiz questions
Of images, per location

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