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NJI worked with the Institute for Energy Research to refresh their brand and completely redesign their flagship website,

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The Institute for Energy Research is a heavyweight in the D.C. energy policy ecosystem.

The redesigned showcases the organization’s rich repository of analysis from their experts on free market solutions in the energy sector.

NJI worked with the Institute for Energy Research to refresh their brand and completely redesign their flagship website,

NJI Media works in real time and provides creative solutions to our greatest challenges. From website construction to Twitter strategy, NJI Media has helped AEA and IER make a significant impact on the energy conversation. We don't view NJI Media as just a creative media shop, they're our partner.



NJI Media has worked with the Institute for Energy Research on a variety of projects, including microsites, ad campaigns, and long term digital strategy. In late September 2013, the Institute for Energy Research tasked NJI with redesigning their flagship website. is an immense energy policy resource, but it was in need of some improvements.



The D.C. energy community needs the most relevant numbers, strongest research and most updated policy points from IER when they visit During the Define phase, IER and NJI worked together to identify a strategy for restructuring their informative content while ensuring easy access to the organization's take on breaking news items.



In order to streamline the robust energy resource, the creative team took a no-frills approach to the design aesthetic of the new site. A modular style increases usability and breaks up content into easily digestible chunks. By pairing minimal layouts with bold photography, each piece of content is given a distinct, sophisticated voice. Additionally, NJI designed an updated IER logo to match the clean, fresh look of the new site.



The IER site uses responsive framework Foundation 5.0 to ensure an optimized site experience whether the user browses on a phone, tablet or desktop device. Through the implementation of customizable fields, content managers are now able to easily edit and customize homepage content, posts, pages, text fields, taxonomy terms and carousel images. We also used tools such as SASS and Grunt to streamline and help speed up our workflow.



It was crucial that all content and files on the existing site could easily transition to the new site. From post types to categories, the development and strategy teams worked together to create a migration manual documenting each nook and cranny of the former site to ensure that everything was migrated seamlessly. Since many pages followed a new URL structure, several rules were authored to redirect visitors to the correct location.

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