National Beer Wholesalers Association

Brewing a Better Design

NBWA and NJI paired nicely to design, develop and deploy a refreshing new website for the association and their members

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Crisp, bold, refreshing, fun and inviting.

No, we’re not describing your favorite pale ale, but rather, the newly redesigned

The talented team of strategists, designers and developers of NJI married function and beauty to create and build the National Beer Wholesalers Association’s clean, new website. For an organization that is distributing as much information as it is beer, it was imperative to their stakeholders that their website be inclusive and informative, as well as a smooth user-experience.

The NJI team has enabled our association to raise the bar in its online communication efforts. Not only has NJI Media responded to our needs, they have used detailed analytics to proactively develop fresh ideas for areas of growth and improvement. NJI has been a vital part of our efforts to elevate our online identity as a national association, generate buzz and educate our multiple audiences - including our membership, the public, policymakers and the media.


Preparing the Brew

The National Beer Wholesalers Association advocates for the beer distribution industry and their members, educates the public on responsible drinking, and creates corresponding programs for their members. NBWA sought to build a modern, informative and clean website to deliver their important messaging and resources to visitors.



The NJI and NBWA team met to discuss the ways in which the new site should be a catch-all for their members, but also for leaders in the government to advocate and promote the beer distributor industry's tenets. This new website should be easy to navigate, while providing important resources and updates about their events, latest news and ways to further support the beer community.


Crafting and Brewing

The new wanted to have a fresh new look. With the navy and orange color palette, this lent to a modern design while still maintaining their original branding. The new site design moved away from smaller features and tight spaces, but instead took advantage of bold imagery, large interactive blocks and buttons and striking photography. The new site uses the space it deserves to deliver its messaging and vital resources to their members. Because color combination gives eye-catching contrast, it allows the visitor to clearly notice and read each feature on the page.

Cool and Refreshing Design

The NBWA site provides an easy-to-navigate one-stop shop for visitors who want a snapshot of NBWA does for their members and invested community. The various carousels include everything from upcoming events, new industry reports, recent news posts and related videos. In addition to their modern layout and color scheme, the new site is also mobile responsive. This impressive feature means that site adapts to any mobile device so that visitors can take their site to-go, and enjoy all of the same functions with ease.


Packaging and Shipping

The Drupal CMS platform allows the NBWA team to modify and tweak every last feature of their new site. With editing functionality on each landing page and post page, the structure of the backend is as simple as it is impressive. Along with the newly developed Single Sign-On system, members of NBWA can log in with one set of user credentials, and seamlessly access all three of the association's membership platforms in just one easy step.


Distributing the Final Product

The NJI development team worked tirelessly to ensure every last drop of the new was ready for launch. The site launched in February 2015, just in time for the association to promote the new site's features for their upcoming conferences and events. Deploying the site was the last phase of the build process, which delivered a reorganized and beautifully functioning website for the vested members of the beer community.

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