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As an internal exercise, our team created a new logo and state flag for each of the United States of America.

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United We Brand was an internal NJI Media exercise to create new state flags and logos for each of the United States of America.  By researching state history and symbolism, we created a new visual language to represent the fifty states.

As a way to document the project, we created a microsite to house our creations.  Each state features an explanation of the new design as well as downloadable images that allow users to represent their state pride.  United We Brand is the product of many hours and continued collaboration.

"The United We Brand project was very different from anything any of us had taken on before, if in no other way than the sheer scope of it all. And it was a great way to take a step back and examine the purely creative aspects of what we love to do. We loved every minute of it."



To kick off the project, we researched the origin of every state's flag. From day one, we acknowledged that every design decision would need to carry the weight of historical record and public perception. By pouring through the stories of the creation and evolution of each flag, our team was able to contextualize our efforts in the history of our nation.



In order to create a diverse product, our entire team came together to create the new assets for each state. The only parameters we set up were standard dimensions and color palette, as well as an incorporation of the name of the state, iconography, and a tertiary element such as the motto or founding date. The rest was wide open to research and interpretation.



We designed. We iterated. We called in fresh eyes. After many months of work and much constructive scrutiny from our amazing team, the resulting product is consistent enough to unite as a collective whole while having the individual spirit that reflects each state.

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