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NJI Media teamed up with Project Koe to create their bold, fresh identity.

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Project Koe is a fitness program that uses traditional martial arts techniques. The program offers an intense, non-contact fitness classes for students and adults alike. Their courses teach new and intelligent skills and techniques to allow their students to become even stronger. With this bold mission, NJI was charged with the duty of branding Project Koe and providing them with a strong visual voice.

NJI Media worked with Project Koe to brainstorm, sketch concepts, integrate into full design and apply those designs to various assets of their branding and marketing, and developed a fully comprehensive Brand Guideline document. With their brand firmly in place, NJI was able to ultimately build Project Koe’s website, as well.


Warming Up

Launching a new and exciting fitness program, Project Koe needed a strong brand to bring people in, and provide a visual identity that would introduce prospective students and participants to all they have to offer. The brand needed to portray focus and strength, but with hues of unity and calm at the same time. Our design team worked along side Project Koe to determine the best fit for the brand, and how to implement those decisions across the organization's elements both digitally and in print materials.


Brand Training

After delivering mood boards and audience profiles for Project Koe's brand, it was time for the branding to take shape in the form of sketches and mockups. This is where the visual elements of the logo start to come to life. The keys to creating this new brand was that it needed to appeal to women in various walks of life, while still standing out above the noise. The Design and Strategy teams worked together to determine how the concepts and elements from each audience profile would take shape.


Exercising Brand Perfection

NJI worked through the branding process by providing various options of marks and font combinations. To best finalize the decision, the Design team helped provide Project Koe with various iterations and options for the new logo. This exercise allowed our teams to define Project Koe's new voice, and how to use that to best reach their prospective students and clients. Through this comprehensive exploration process, NJI was able to marry top-level branding recommendations with a consensus that wowed Project Koe and their stakeholders.


The Final Round

The final phase of the branding process is to provide a complete Brand Guideline. This document provides all the design specifications the Project Koe or any other entity would need to implement the branding with 100% accuracy. The Brand Guideline provides important do's and don'ts for using the logo across print and digital mediums, and includes the brand's color palette, typography, iconography and stock photography styles. After finalizing the logo concept, Project Koe received their final Brand Guideline so that they could begin implementing their fresh new brand with confidence.


Find Your Battle Cry

Project Koe's new tagline is "Find your battle cry." Throughout the branding process, it was NJI's job to find and implement Project Koe's personally branded battle cry. With the Brand Guidelines in hand, NJI's designers were able to apply these new branded elements to Project Koe's marketing collateral. In addition to providing letterhead and business cards, our development team built out the brand new in Wordpress. With the branded print and digital materials, Project Koe is now equipped with a strong visual battle cry for years to come.

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