U. S. Steel:

Digital Footprint for the Next Century


extensive stakeholder and asset discovery

NJI partnered with U.S. Steel during an internal repositioning of the brand and digital strategy for this 100-year-old company. We collaborated with U.S. Steel to review a full digital content audit, reorganize the website’s content architecture, refresh each and every design element, and reimagine the user experience.

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We began the project with a two-month discovery process, consulting with all branches of the company to fully understand its structure, customers, and vision. That immersion informed a comprehensive plan that united project stakeholders as we worked to place U.S. Steel on a new digital footing — in both its technology and its organizational mindset.

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a digital experience anchored in

intuitive content architecture

fast user experience

modern design interface

To ensure fast and engaging functionality, our development team used advanced decoupled or headless site architecture. This facilitates a smoother, faster site experience, similar to native applications, and allows for greater freedom and flexibility in technology choices. Our decoupled front-end consumes a pure-content-and-data back-end API, which can feed external systems, such as mobile apps. This reduces publishing origin to a single point of control and avoids duplication of effort.

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U.S. Steel’s new digital presence seamlessly aligns with its strategic business objectives and reflects the innovation that is redefining this American icon.

At a glance:

stakeholder interviews
America's first corporation
doubled time on site
trips to Pittsburgh
onsite connections between customers and U. S. Steel employees

fortune favors

the bold

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