U.S. Steel

Website Redesign

U. S. Steel is in the final stages of an internal repositioning of the 100-year-old organization’s brand and digital strategy. We began the project with a two-month discovery process, during which we consulted with all branches of the company to truly understand the corporation’s structure, customers, and vision. The result of that immersion was a comprehensive plan that united stakeholders as we fundamentally placed U. S. Steel on a new digital footing - not only regarding technology, but also mindframe.

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Project Brief

Our team worked with U. S. Steel hand-in-hand to review a full digital content audit, reorganize the website’s content architecture, refresh each and every design element, and reimagine the user experience.

Our Approach

In order to create a fast and engaging experience, our development team used advanced decoupled or “headless” site architecture. This approach creates a smoother, faster site experience similar to native applications, and also allows for greater freedom and flexibility in technology choices. Our “decoupled” front end consumes a pure-content-and-data back-end API, which in turn can feed other external systems such as mobile apps. This reduces publishing origin to a single point of control and avoids duplication of effort.

U. S. Steel now has a digital presence that is reflective of the innovation that is redefining this American business icon.

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