VOCSN Product App & Collateral

Print and digital sales kit for a cutting-edge medical device

Project Brief

When Ventec Life Systems was ready to go to market with their breakthrough VOCSN device, they tasked NJI with creating a suite of sales tools equal parts inspiring and scientifically accurate.

VOCSN integrates five respiratory therapies — previously and otherwise five devices weighing in at 50+ pounds overall — into a single, 18-lb machine as elegant in function as it is revolutionary in design.

Our Approach

Our goal was first to create a tablet-based app on par: capturing a profusion of complex data and distilling it into an presentation as streamlined and elegant as the product itself.

Working closely with the VOCSN team, we first had to thoroughly understand the medical interventions and vocabulary and their translation into technical specifications.

Distilling that information into custom illustrations and clear animations required a true blend of art and science. Complementing text and graphics, video provided a virtual demo that sales reps can share in any setting.

As with any innovation, the ultimate task was to crisply communicate advantages, relevance and value. Once core messaging and visuals were established, NJI adapted those assets across a range of print and digital sales tools.

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