Virtual Productions:

Camera-Ready from a Safe Distance

Pandemic Pivot

Maximize Your On-Screen Impact

Production quality and content determine how an online audience perceives and engages with your video. Over the course of the COVID-19 pandemic, expectations for live and recorded content, whether made at home or with limited office resources, have risen exponentially.


Communication strategies in 2020 put video and virtual events front and center. With new strategies and solutions to increase production value—and to develop exciting, relevant, and authentic content—NJI increased our clients’ ability to record professional-quality video and to engage their audiences in virtual events.

We took advantage of these opportunities, both to replicate the key features of in-person experiences and to identify new, exciting capabilities and experiences that are only possible online. To support our clients, NJI developed seamless video and event recording and management for everything from one-on-one remote recording sessions to major, international events with multiple sessions and presenters.


We leverage NJI’s extensive video and event experience to produce secure, private, and exclusive online events. Our comprehensive planning, detailed preparation, and skilled event production—along with our stellar customer service—ensure that start to finish, every recording session and event delivers a first-rate experience for everyone involved.

We also support executives remotely for meetings, presentations, and media interviews, understanding the range of capabilities and requirements of both home offices and individual clients.


Create virtual productions that feel engaging and effortless

We develop all aspects of virtual events, from personalized invitations to follow-up communications, speaker preparation, and in-event customer service. Every event has live support to resolve technical difficulties quickly. We are well-versed in marketing to and producing for tiered audiences, and we know the importance of striking a balance between access and exclusivity.

Ongoing virtual recording and video production should be a streamlined, repeatable process. To that end, we created “Studio in a Box” kits, which let us remotely manage all aspects of production, from lighting and camera placement to the execution of recording and event activities.



NJI’s event production is digitally secure and technically seamless, ensuring that participants can focus on the experience without being distracted by logistics. In the process, we deploy our full spectrum of creative and production experience to help clients identify and execute one-of-a-kind moments that make any event memorable.

Virtual Production Kit

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