You Should Write That Down

Alex Sailer


It’s always exciting to see print collateral in the flesh for the first time. A fresh delivery of notebooks came in this morning and we’re still buzzing. We were running dangerously low on these the past couple weeks and knew it was time for a reorder. I don’t know what it is about small pocketable notebooks that makes people freak out but everyone seems to want one of these and we ended up flying through our first batch like hot cakes.

To help these last a bit longer we opted for a larger size notebook with more page real estate and dot grid interior pages for a more organic writing/sketching structure. Feel free to come by the warehouse to say hey and grab one of these classy notebooks. Check them out…

A huge thanks goes to Scoutbooks out in Portland, OR. They are always a pleasure to work with and we highly recommend them. This won’t be our last order.

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