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Apple Fanboy Rant

Ryan Howell September 13, 2012

Here at NJI Media, we have a thing for beautiful design and flawless functionality. Apple is one of those organizations who continually nails these two qualities with every product release. Yesterday, we gathered around the conference table with Chipotle burritos in-hand and anxiously read the live-blog from the iPhone 5 launch event in Cupertino, CA. It was great to see all the new improvements Apple had made to the iPhone even though it was missing some of the more cutting edge features other devices may have. That’s just how Apple does things. This morning, I woke up to a deluge of articles from almost every news outlet, nearly condemning Apple’s actions. Some didn’t like the lack of NFC. Some didn’t appreciate the new connector. Some were bitter about the price of the connector. Others wanted more color options. Who are these people to talk?

I mean, I’m seeing all sorts of drivel regarding the iPhone 5 from publications near and far. If this thing was supposed to be an Android device, they would have built a plastic box, loaded it up with micro-usb ports, NFC capabilities, an SD card reader, and maybe a blu-ray drive for kicks. Exactly. Who cares? Apparently, not the 26 million people who bought new iPhones in Q3. In the worst economic circumstances in recent history, Apple has amassed over $110 billion [with a bee] in cash. Much of that attributable to the iPhone–a product that didn’t even exist 5 years ago. They could be on to something… probably take some notes.

p.s. we recently heard fanboy was added to the dictionary. we felt compelled to use it in context.

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