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Tacos are our love language. We work hard, say no to drama, and focus on exceptional client service every day. Conversations often include Mario Kart smack talk; exchanges of cute dog, chicken, and baby photos; cocktails and cake recipes; and the latest headlines. Committed to doing great work that challenges the status quo, NJI is a full-service creative agency that feels like family (the ones you like).

Authenticity is the foundation of boundless creativity. Rooted in diverse life experience, our team challenges the status quo through our work and culture every day. We are committed to sustaining and improving NJI’s inclusive workplace through actively expanding the diversity of our team. We encourage people from underrepresented groups to apply. If you require accommodations or assistance during the application process, please contact




We love what we do.

We go all-in for our clients. Sometimes that means planning a Zoom wedding. Sometimes that means fangirling over Grant Imahara from MythBusters while supporting a client’s innovation competition. No matter the task, we’re ready to design it, realize it, and make it happen for NJI’s clients.


Interesting people.

Sommelier. Farmer. Iced coffee enthusiast. Artist. Gamer. Musician. Equestrian. Baker. Veteran. Photographer. Chef. Swimmer. Parent. Beekeeper. Entrepreneur. Librarian. Dog owner/groomer/walker. Mixologist. Aussie footballer. Woodworker. Barber. Gardener. Drag queen. Black Belt. Fulbrighter. Urban forager. Shark Week extra.


Vacation Bonus.

We believe sometimes you have to go off-grid to recharge yourself — so much so that on top of paid leave, we award every full-time employee an annual vacation bonus to make sure you get away.


La Familia.

Team lunch takes on a new meaning when the CEO cooks the meal. Handwritten thank you notes from the president just to let you know he values your work. A designer’s meticulously made gingerbread office building inspired a full video shoot to showcase her work. In big ways and small ways, NJI fosters its team culture by making it a priority every day.



Bring your whole self to work at NJI. Some of our most creative projects succeeded because a crew member had an unexpected talent or skill. Supporting professional growth through training, mentoring, and open dialogue is part of the NJI way.

Office sword-swallowing performances
of the crew are women
Daily taco allowance
Speakeasy parties with no arrests
Zoom weddings we’ve planned
Office floors
Offices by the water
States and countries where crew work daily
Panda mascot
Average snack wall variety
Cabarets hosted
State flags we’ve redesigned
Federal agency logos redesigned

fortune favors

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We collaborate with tenacious organizations and ambitious people.

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