Capturing That Perfect Idea

Josh Shultz


We’re in the creative ideas business – and we love it. Every day we’re either executing on a creative idea or trying to come up with a unique concept that will excite our clients and help amplify their efforts.

We’ve learned over the years, ideas come from everywhere. And because an idea can jump into your head in a matter of moments – whether it’s on your commute, at the gym, in the shower or walking your dog, it’s critical that you capture that idea quickly before it’s gone.

So what’s the best way to capture that instantaneous creativity?

We’ve tried them all, including:

To be honest, nothing has worked perfectly. So we’ve decided to combine two of our favorite methods – Google docs + Slack. Using a Slack integration via Zapier, we’ve created an #ideas Slack channel that feeds into a Google doc. This way our team can share an idea on the fly, then go into the Google doc to better flesh out the concept when they have time.

We’re excited about this new ideas integration and will keep you posted as to how it works out.

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