Get to Know NJI Media’s Newest Team Members

Lisa Kripowicz January 14, 2019

2019 has brought some friendly new faces to NJI Media – team members who play pivotal roles in our Strategy, Operations, and Web Development Departments respectively.

As they have already found themselves busy in helping NJI Challenge the Status Quo and sharing in some well-deserved tacos, we wanted to take some time and share a little more about them.

We asked each of them some important questions (can neither confirm nor deny that these were included in their interviews) to get to know them a little better and find out what’s happening under those headphones.

Q: How do explain to your parents what you do for a living?

Marsel Gray, Web Developer: I tell them I google things professionally.

Kasey Chau, Account Coordinator: My parents are from Vietnam so they don’t understand English fluently. I simply tell them that I talk to people for my job.

Lane Horter, Account Manager: My dad is much more tech savvy than me, so he might honestly know more about what I do than me, but to my grandma, I just tell her I build websites.

Emily Cockrill, Operations Assistant & Special Projects Coordinator: My responsibilities include: assisting with project management tasks on special projects, leading efforts to organize, enhance, and maintain proposal templates, conduct research, and provide direction to other team members regarding Partner led requests. I then see all said requests through to completion.

Q: Old Town has flooded again, what are the three things you have in your pockets to survive until low tide?

Marsel: I was a medic in the military so a good, sharp knife, Individual First Aid Kit, and a water bottle.

Kasey: Fishing net, a swimsuit, and a book.

Lane: I always have a book in my backpack, so that would help me pass the time. Other than that, my cell phone to stay up to date on news and my wallet.

Emily: My phone, a snack, and my wallet.

Q: When you are keeping busy at work, what’s the playlist you are listening to?

Marsel: Heavy Metal.

Kasey: White noise.

Lane: I love listening to alternative, anything that has a good beat and can help me stay focused!

Emily: The usual suspects include: The Beatles, Fleetwood Mac, pretty much anything from the ‘90s, Led Zeppelin, Eminem, and anything country as long as it’s not bluegrass.

Q: What will it take for you to wear the NJI Panda suit at the next party?

Marsel: To be asked.

Kasey: A raise AND a promotion.

Lane: For someone to ask, I really want to rock that one day.

Emily: Is this a trick question?

Q: Approximately how many slack messages do you fire off in a day?

Marsel: As many as needed to annoy the PM.

Kasey: 7.

Lane: Surprisingly not a lot! I spend most of my time talking and meeting with clients to ensure goals and deliverables are getting done.

Emily: I’d say it’s an even balance between none-at-all and overkill.

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