How Not To Park Your Car At the Office, By Joanna

Josh Shultz

Category: Warehouse


At NJI Media, the early bird gets the coveted parking spot.

Most of the time that honor goes to Dave or Carolyn, but this morning, Joanna beat them both to the parking lot. So excited about her first opportunity to park in the “golden spot,” Joanna forgot to finish her parking job.

Carolyn made sure to document the moment, declaring in a written statement circulated through the office: “It’s not that I’m incensed about someone stealing my parking spot. It’s the sheer carelessness in parking. What is this, Fond du Lac?”

According to Carolyn’s statement, the gap between the cars was so large, the Linens of the Week truck could have cruised right through without any issue.

Embarrassed by her efforts, Joanna rushed back to the parking lot to fix her first attempt. Upon returning, she said, “That photo is very deceptive, the gap wasn’t that big at all.”

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