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Ashley Park

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This summer, the world is gradually opening back up, and we’ve got an itch to travel around and explore it again. Many of us at NJI have ended up in various getaway locations away from the home and office, and we’ve got good news — it is possible to work productively from the cabin or beach while not missing out on that sun and surf.

Our Chief Panda Officer Pixel crafted the perfect mix to keep you refreshed and hustling from any zip code this season. Read on to optimize your summer flow.

01. The power of routine and familiarity — creating a home away from home

Humans find comfort in routine, so it’s important to create some kind of morning routine or ritual for yourself. Whether it’s making the perfect cup of coffee, putting on your favorite slippers, or opening the window by your desk to let in the sunshine, be mindful of the little things that bring you comfort and get you into the flow. These small but mighty adjustments can go a long way in a temporary work environment.

You may have heard of pop-up shops, but have you heard of pop-up offices? Now you have. When packing bags, ensure that you know which pockets of your bag hold your charger, mouse, notepad, and other necessities. When assembling your temporary workstation, take time to organize that space exactly how you like it. In other words, have a method to your madness, especially if you find yourself needing to move around often. Place association is incredibly powerful, and if you combine it with a reliable routine, you’re pretty much unstoppable. 

02. A work-life schedule, crafted by the sun

Thanks to Bill Risen, senior multimedia video producer here at NJI, for a helping hand on this one.

Whether you’re working remotely or just on a summer trip, medical experts recommend limiting exposure to the sun during the warmest midday hours. For our panda friends in the States, depending on where you live, these boiling hot hours can start as early as 11 a.m. For the sake of your skin’s health and to avoid heat exhaustion, it might be a good idea to plan your day around the sunburn-apocalypse if your schedule permits.

Using the sun’s calendar as an inspiration for yours can help you structure and split up the workday for optimal energy and productivity. Get that early-morning swim in, so that you can breeze through those afternoon emails and then get back outside when it’s safe to do so. Oh, and please make sunscreen a part of your daily skincare routine — it doesn’t matter if you go outside or not. The sun always finds a way.

03. Divide and conquer to avoid distraction

When the line between work and leisure environments blurs, it can be hard for your mind to adjust to the new boundaries and spaces designated for work and focus. It’s just as important to separate your workstation from the rest of the areas in your summer locale as it is to know when it’s time to enter and exit these designated spaces. Especially if you’re working from a “getaway location,” ensure that you can actually “get away” when the time comes.

If possible, don’t work right next to your sleep or entertainment areas (such as a living room with a TV and a couch so comfy it should be illegal). Remember place association? Scout out spots that are quiet and away from the bustle of other activities. Divide and conquer — make the best use of the space you’ve got to crush your task list for the day.

04. Just the essentials

Here are some tools that can really help you power through summertime remote work. If you haven’t considered these before, now might be the perfect time to consider them.

A personal planner or agenda.

Something outside of your Google Calendar puts your work and personal life objectives into perspective.

Adequate internet.

We do not recommend joining that Zoom call from a desert island location with spotty Wi-Fi.

Clothes just for work.

A curated work wardrobe truly makes you feel like the boss that you are. To be clear, bosses do wear Hawaiian shirts, shorts, and the occasional cowboy hat.

De-stress zone.

Find a spot in your vacation home (perhaps a rocking chair in a sunroom?) that you can briefly visit to relax and take a breather, but make sure to go back to “work” at your designated workstation. Good thing we established that one earlier!

Music for makin’ moves.

Pick a go-to mix to pick yourself up in those slow, tired mornings or midday slumps. Lo-Fi (or “low-fidelity”) playlists are becoming popular soundtracks for hardworking lifestyles. Lyric-less, aesthetic, and atmospheric, Lo-Fi and other light-volume tunes are a great way to stimulate your brain and improve focus as you try to ease into the fast-paced commotion of a digitally busy workday.

Grab-and-go pen and notebook.

The NJI notebooks say, “You should write that down.” Trust us, they’ll be there when you need them.


Stay hydrated during one of the hottest months of the year. Good for body and brain.

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