How to Scale and Localize Campaigns

All Politics Are Local, Except When They’re Global

Words by Tamrah Chalom, Marketing & Communications Manager
Published March 3, 2023
Last Updated June 28, 2024

Politics vary greatly between Westminster and Capitol Hill, but there is much common ground across legislative issues and priorities. Essential to implementing an impactful global government affairs strategy is the ability for efforts to be localized and scaled between the UK, US, and beyond easily.

NJI worked closely with the Intuit US and UK teams at the recent Politico UK 2023 event in London to ensure the company’s brand, messaging, and public affairs priorities were refined and aligned to the UK market. Seamless coordination between NJI’s Washington, D.C. and London offices enabled every digital, print, and event detail to be executed locally in the UK — directly supporting UK small businesses.

Leveraging media partnerships with organisations such as POLITICO, that are also “bilingual” in understanding the US and UK/European political landscape, provided positive brand and content alignment to reach high-profile participants and attendees. Among those esteemed guest speakers were Jane Hartley, US Ambassador to the UK, and Kemi Badenoch, UK Secretary of State for Business and Trade, President of the Board of Trade, and Minister for Women and Equalities.

Observing the influential crowd, Jolawn Victor, VP and GM, Intuit UK, stated, “The power to impact policy and help small businesses to survive and thrive [is in this room].” The evening underscored how multinational corporations can operate effectively across globally diverse public affairs arenas.

A large group of people socializing at an indoor event. Men and women are engaged in conversations, holding drinks, and some are smiling or laughing. The room has wooden paneled walls and large windows, and is lit with a combination of warm and colored lighting.

The event activation was part of a larger campaign sponsored by Intuit to enable UK policymakers to hear directly from their business constituents, while also highlighting Intuit’s small business empowerment commitments in the UK.

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