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Did You Know

January 15, 2019

Here at NJI Media, we love to see our employees succeeding both in and out of the office. With so many passionate and imaginative minds surrounding us, we’re constantly in awe of the projects they produce.

Sophia Okorn, NJI Videographer.

One of our videographers, Sophia Okorn, recently channeled her incredible work ethic and inspiring creativity into a special film project, Did You Know. Given her talent for videography, it’s no shock to us that she received Best Film at the Fear 2 Freedom Film Festival, and we wanted to share a bit more about the cool details of this project (and maybe brag about her a little).

All of her colleagues at NJI are so proud of her!

Did You Know

Description: A short documentary exploring the reality of institutionally induced gender-based violence and sexual assault, and resulting resistance programs on the campus of Virginia Tech in Blacksburg, Virginia.

More from Sophia: The inspiration for this documentary stemmed from my time enrolled in a Feminist Activism class during my senior year at Virginia Tech. My experience making this film was the highlight of my college career, speaking to so many intelligent, brave women, in hopes of giving a voice to victims who have been silenced. I plan to continue highlighting important social issues through my filmmaking and storytelling in the future.

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