Happy Halloween from NJI Media

October 30, 2013

We know, we're a little early. We love holidays at NJI Media and Halloween is no exception. We know what we're going to be this year, too, thanks to our costume flowchart (take a look. it's not too late).

Lucky for us, one of our team members secretly and expertly carved a pumpkin for us this week. We're very ready for Halloween now with our very own custom jack o'lantern.

Check out the photos below. Yes- it's okay to be jealous.



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We weren’t worried about a Sriracha Shortage

There was almost a Sriracha shortage this week, due to some unpleasant side effects of a new Sriracha facility in California. Luckily, the factory will stay open due to a judge’s decision. We wanted to remind everyone that in the event of another impending Sriracha crisis, our facilities may be used as a hot sauce emergency supply center.

October 31, 2013