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This Is What Happens When You Let Your Development Team Cook Lunch

August 22, 2014

Over the past several weeks each division at NJI Media has cooked lunch for the rest of the team. Today we were lucky enough to have lunch prepared by the development team.

According to the initial buzz around the office, expectations were low - so low that most people brought a backup plan to the office this morning.

The verdict: delicious. Our team of developers are not only the most talented team of digital experts in DC, they're also darn good cooks.

On today's dev_team_lunch_js v1.0.0 menu:

Beef, steak and Korean tacos
Chicken diablo
Cilantro rice
Homemade salsa, guacamole & white queso

The Making


photo 2

photo 1

photo 3

The Coding


It just wouldn't be lunch from the development team without some code. Check out this Github repository of lunch, coded.

A small sample:

if (true == $like_it_hot) {
} else {


The Eating



The Aftermath




Jealous? Let us know the next time you're in Old Town and we'll cook you lunch.


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