American Property Owners Alliance:

A Dream That’s Worth Protecting


A new resource to keep property owners informed about issues and policies

The American Property Owners Alliance advocates for public policies that support ownership throughout the United States. They are a trusted resource, helping to secure the dream of property ownership for all Americans. NJI was engaged to create the brand, design and build a website, and cultivate a steady stream of content across known policy priorities.



Our team led a thorough discovery process in which we engaged internal stakeholders, researched issues facing property owners nationwide, and identified key policy priorities and valuable resources. With research and data in hand, we created a sequential project plan that would establish a new brand, optimize engagement with audiences through targeted release of new resources, and ultimately prepare the Alliance to successfully spur its audience to take action on priorities that matter.



We established an emotional connection to the dream of property ownership.

Powerful imagery

Vibrant, yet classic colors

Language that educates and inspires


Establishing a brand that would represent and unite property owners of all types was a challenge our team was excited to take on. From landowners to apartment building landlords to homeowners to store owners — we are all Owners and Neighbors. We established imagery and language guidelines to define this shared vision of ownership as a dream we all have — and want to protect. To give life to the brand in symbolic form, we chose a Key. This represents property ownership of all types and suggests the ideas of unlocking knowledge and opening doors — concepts closely associated with progress.

Bringing the new brand, imagery, and colors to life through user experience and website content allowed us to unite the themes of property ownership and to surprise and delight website users. Highlighting key points in the text draws readers’ attention. Iconography representing issues provides immediate understanding through visual cues.



Last, we matched our messaging and content to the moment. As we closed in on the brand launch, COVID-19 began to dominate the headlines. Our team saw this as an opportunity to meet property owners where they were. We moved quickly to reposition known priorities to speak to the evolving challenges and anxieties property owners were facing during the pandemic. We adapted the mission statement into a longer, “here and now” declaration to mirror those sentiments, and we added a suite of COVID-specific resources.



At launch, the brand and website immediately provided a foundation for both policy influencers and everyday property owners to understand the wide-ranging impacts of property ownership and issues that either facilitate or threaten it. This organization is well-positioned to continue educating owners nationwide, uniting them behind policy priorities that protect the dream of ownership.

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