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Developing a Jackpot Brand for the Gaming Industry

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The Global Gaming Expo (G2E) is the premier trade event for the casino gaming industry, showcasing over 350 exhibitors and attracting over 25,000 industry professionals. As gaming continues to expand into new markets and platforms, G2E tapped NJI to build a brand that captures the innovation and evolving landscape of the industry.


Anchored by a modern, sophisticated logo, powered by vibrant colors with high-impact treatments, and complemented by multipurpose typography and iconography, the new brand dazzles, rivaling even the brightest signs in Las Vegas. Icons and imagery represent the growing sectors of sports betting, online gaming, financial technology platforms, and casino operations, while remaining flexible for future growth and inclusions. 


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Global Design Awards Received
A glowing vertical sign in an urban alley reads: "Convening Gaming. Building Possibilities. Empowering Success." The sign features a stylized bird icon and the G2E logo at the bottom. Surrounding the sign are various air conditioning units mounted on the wall.
Two overlapping dark-themed promotional flyers lay on a black surface under a spotlight. The flyers feature neon geometrical designs and white text detailing an event named GIZ. The content appears to be invitation or event information, with the focus on a modern, sleek aesthetic.


Our team began by immersing ourselves in the event and collecting on-site feedback from attendees, exhibitors, and other stakeholders. Informed by data and insights about the event’s audience and environment, we applied our proven design model to craft a brand platform from the ground up.

We injected vibrance into geometric designs, iconography, and patterns to reflect the sights, sounds, and liveliness of gaming in Las Vegas and around the world. Drawing inspiration from the neon luminance of the city’s iconic Strip, we merged that dynamic energy with a collage of game pieces and playing card suits. Our video team amplified the excitement in motion advertisements by synchronizing animations with music and emphasizing a clear and engaging message to invigorate attendees and showcase the event’s evolution.

A brightly lit rectangular sign hangs from the ceiling, featuring four icons: a blue spade, yellow poker chips, a pink heart, and a blue trophy. The background above the sign is a ceiling with blue fluorescent lights.
An open book on a blue surface shows a visual graphic spanning two pages. The left page has a glowing abstract shape with a cyan gradient and text that reads "Conveying the industry. Building possibilities. Redefining sections." The right page has overlapping circles labeled "Timeless," "Modern," "Dynamic," and "Playful.
A conference panel discussion with four speakers seated on a stage with purple lighting. The stage backdrop displays "G2E" in large letters. A screen to the left shows a live feed of one of the speakers. Attendees are seated and facing the stage.
A purple lanyard holds a rectangular event pass with a blue background. The pass features the words "EVENT PASS" in yellow and a silhouette of a trophy or cup in pink. The lanyard is attached to the pass with a metal clip.
A man in a maroon blazer and white shirt is speaking, with his hand raised and gesturing. He is seated and looking to his right. Two bottles of water are placed on a table in the foreground. The background is lit with a purple hue.
Abstract digital artwork featuring three luminous shapes against a dark background. A blue cylinder with curved indentations, a green clover-like form overlapping a violet heart shape. The shapes have a soft, glowing effect with a gradient of colors.
A person is standing at a podium on a stage, speaking at an event with the backdrop displaying "G2E" and "Presented by". The stage is lit with purple lighting, and two empty white chairs are visible to the right of the speaker.