World Wildlife Fund

Digital Storytelling Drives Goal-Breaking Donations

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The World Wildlife Fund (WWF) engaged NJI to develop interactive digital content that would educate the public on conservation challenges and spark action.


Powerful data visualizations, paired with an immersive experience, educated and activated global audiences, exceeding WWF’s fundraising goal by more than 150% with over 11,500 donations. Captivating animations brought the story to life and facilitated a smooth progression through the digital narrative. Seamless, in-page transitions focus viewers’ attention on one feature at a time to minimize distractions and maximize impact. The data visuals garnered over one million impressions on social media. The website also won two platinum MUSE Awards and one WebAward for Outstanding Achievement.


Social Media Impressions


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Industry Awards
A smartphone screen displays an Instagram post by "world_wildlife." It features an image of dense foliage with the text overlay: "Did you know that nature loss fuels pandemics?" The caption encourages viewers to learn more about the connection between nature loss and diseases.
An illustration of a petri dish containing various microorganisms, including blue and green bacteria and viruses. The background is dark with faded shapes, resembling an abstract laboratory setting.
Silhouettes of various animals and people stand around a large tree in a dark, woodland setting. Visible silhouettes include a bat, bird, mouse, anteater, cow, human figure standing, and a human figure kneeling. Glowing lights accentuate the scene.
A dark background with scattered illustrations of virus-like shapes. The text in the center reads, "THE TIME TO ACT IS NOW." Below in smaller text, it states, "Ask Congress to help stop future pandemics.


We transformed complex scientific data into intelligible, interactive visuals to highlight the implications of environmental conservation on future pandemics and instill a sense of urgency in the public. Establishing clear audience goals enabled us to take a purposeful approach to channel strategy, content development, and user experience design. We anchored the user experience with compelling designs and motion graphics that incorporated elements of disparate materials that WWF had produced globally. This approach, along with a simplified narrative, supported an immersive experience deployed around the world to encourage conservation efforts. 

A smartphone screen displays a LinkedIn page for WWF. The post shown states, "Three to four infectious disease outbreaks occur each year, and 75% come from animals," accompanied by an illustration of animals around a globe in blue color.
A stylized image shows a computer screen, tablet, and smartphone displaying nature-themed graphics. Central text on the computer screen reads, "From Forest to Market," while the phone displays, "The Time to Act Is Now." Silhouettes of animals and trees decorate the scene.