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Refreshing a Historic Brand With a Modern Take

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The National Beer Wholesalers Association (NBWA) represents America’s beer and beverage distributors and employs more than 140,000 people across the country, many of them in small, family-owned businesses. NBWA engaged NJI to develop a new brand and website to highlight the industry’s innovation and diversity and position the organization as a forward-looking resource for members and lawmakers. 


NBWA’s new brand and website offer a single destination for members, staff, and the public to learn about the industry. The timeless, forward-facing brand captures the direction the industry is going while respecting NBWA’s rich past, as well as the diversity of the distributors today. The website is simple to update, allowing staff to easily manage content themselves. Together, the new brand and website serve up a flexible design for an ever-changing, dynamic industry.

A collage of six mobile phone screens displaying various pages from the NBWA (National Beer Wholesalers Association) website. The pages include informational sections on beer distribution, news, educational content, and guides on how to become a distributor.
A person in a plaid shirt holds a tablet in a wheat field. The tablet's screen displays an agricultural app with images of crops and options like "View Report" and "Soil Analysis." The background shows a clear sky and green trees.


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Applying insights from a robust discovery process with NBWA members, staff, and industry leaders, we established a new logo and other brand assets that support beverages of all kinds. We coupled color palettes inspired by Americana and warm wheatfield tones with fonts reflecting the familiarity of U.S. road signs and the crispness of spiked seltzer. 

We poured the new brand into the website, integrating colors, typography, and textures to provide a consistent and engaging user experience. We simplified navigation, defined a content strategy, and developed an integrated platform where members could manage their membership, payments, and customized resources in a personalized experience. Together, it brewed clarity, diversity, and personalized user experiences.

A man with long hair and a beard smiles as he carries a large metal keg on his shoulder. He is wearing a blue hoodie and blue gloves, and is in an industrial or brewery setting. A blue graphic overlay is present at the bottom of the image.
A hand holding a smartphone in a wheat field. The phone screen shows an Instagram post from the account "followyourbeer" celebrating the ratification of the 18th Amendment, which enacted alcohol prohibition in the USA on January 16, 1919.
A digital interface is displayed on a backdrop of a golden wheat field under a blue sky. The interface shows a map of the United States with a highlighted profile for "Carol Holly Hoss" in blue, featuring a quote and two links at the bottom for leadership nominations.
A group of eleven men in blue work uniforms pose with drinks in front of a delivery truck and stacked metal kegs in a warehouse. They appear relaxed and are smiling, some leaning on kegs or the truck.