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iOS 7 UI Stencil for Omnigraffle

Alex Sailer October 7, 2013


We wireframe quite often. When we do, we use Omnigraffle.

Omnigraffle has this great feature called “stencils”. Stencils are basically a collection of graphical elements that are easily accessible for use in your wireframes and prototypes.

Whenever we find ourselves with an iOS project we always start in omnigraffle to get the basic structure and flow of the app. With the release of iOS7 there has been a gap in freely available stencils that represent the newly redesigned iOS user interface. We decided we needed to fill that gap so we created our own iOS7 iPhone UI stencil for Omnigraffle. We’ve painstakingly recreated most of the iOS7 UI elements within omnigraffle so everything is easily editable. What’s even better, is that it’s free to download and use for any personal or commercial projects.

Preview the Stencil HERE.

Download it HERE if you’re using Omnigraffle 6

If you’re not using Omnigraffle 6 download THIS.

A special thanks to Chris from Pixeden for providing the icons.

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